Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Powerful Quotes for Success

"You don't laugh because you are not happy,
you are happy because you laugh."
"Don't look for Happiness outside, because happiness is inside of you; also, don't look for un-happiness outside, because un-happiness is ... "(You got it!) Emrick
"Attitude: the way one reacts in front of an unfortunate event. You choose: you get upset, or you turn the event to the light of optimism and say," I am sure it is better that way!" Emrick
"To attract what you want, appreciate life in each moment.
Don't be thinking too much of the past, because the past is gone.
Don't be thinking too much about the future, because it will be built with each of your present moment. So, enjoy the moment to the fullest!"
Joe Vitale
or "Don't act on the past, it is too late. Don't act the future, it is too early. Act on the present! It is the right moment! But don't wait too long otherwise, it is too late!" Emrick

Success, Peace, Happiness, Freedom to You!

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