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Pranic Healing for your Health: Freedom

For your success, you need to be fit inside out.
I found this book, Your Hands Can Heal You by Master Stephen Co. abd Eric B. Robbins, MD,If you want success, you need to be healthy in your mind and in your body.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Are you ready for your Healing Session?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

First, the process of Pranic Healing: Preparation, Thank Prayer, Energy (Prana or Chi) Enters , Heart Chakra Tapping, Breathing, Sweeping, Healing, Thank Prayer and closing.

Preparation: Releasing the healing energy [pranic or Chi] through the motion.
NOTE: Do not force any movement; this is not exercise! Just relax as you go along the release.
NOTE2: This session describe a 2 persons session. This can be done alone also.
Please stand up.
1 Shake your arms (count 10-15 seconds). 2 Shake your legs (count 10-15 seconds) 3 Shake your feet (each , count 10-15 sec.) 4 Pick one foot, and (make 10 circular motions, clockwise, then counter-clockwise) 5 Same for the other foot. (clockwise then counter-clockwise) 6 Do the same with knees together. (clockwise then counter-clockwise) 7 Do the same thing with your hip bone. (clockwise then counter-clockwise) 8 Then swing your chest side-to-side (count: 15 times ; 1 time= left to right + right to left) 9 Now swing your head side-to-side (count: 15 times ; 1 time= left to right + right to left) 10 Then head down to chest then up to sky (Count: 15 times: 1 time=downward+upward) 11 Head again : (this one is tricky) roll your head (clockwise then counter-clockwise 10 times each direction) . For motion sickness subjects, close your eyes! 12 Arms: Shake your arms again (for 10 sec.) 12a shoulders rolls (10-15 counts) 13 Lift your forearms only toward your shoulders, then drop quickly an imaginary dumbell to the ground (10-15 times). 14 Then lift your forearms parallel to the ground, and roll both your hands outward then inward (20 times one direction, then same count for the other direction). 15 The open-close quickly your hands.
At this point, you will be able to feel the Life/Healing Prana or Chi. Applaud in a very slow motion. You will feel the energy between your hands! If you don't feel it, don't worry. Just go back to steps 12 to 15. Don't hurry in your movements! Know it is not exercising, but releasing. So take your time, and think your moves.
Thank Prayer: Say aloud a short prayer with palms upward, eyes closed, as to receive the good energy: "Thank you Lord, [God, Jesus, ] good spirits, angels for receiving the healing energy in my hands, and the power to heal. Thank you , thank you , thank you." You can change the name of the deity (Universal One, Universal Creator), if you want. The patient can also say a prayer of gratitude. At this point the patient can curl the tongue to the palate. and also practice pranic breathing. (explained 3 parag. down).
Energy Prana or Chi Coming: You will feel something entering in you. A powerful feeling. This is the healing energy. Try to feel in descending to you through your head [crown chakra] in form of a white light, going to your shoulders, arms, and hands. You will feel your hands covered in warm, cotton-like [healing] mittens. Feel yourself receiving, humble, just like a cup receiving water. Don't try to attract anything. Be a servant, not a master.
Heart Chakra Tapping: Before healing yourself or someone else, tap on your heart [heart chakra] several times with your right middle and ring fingers, saying again "Thank you, thank you, thank you."
Breathing: Now before entering the sweeping or healing stage, curl your tongue to your palate. Try to breath very slowly in a pranic manner . Let me explain; First inhale for 6 seconds, then stop for 3 sec., then exhale for 6 sec. , and stop for 3 sec. This is call the 6-3 cycle. You can change to the 7-1 cycle (inhale 7 sec. stop 1) . Or whatever cycle works for you.
Sweeping and Healing: Now we are prepared to perform the healing. Sweeping: Put your fingers (not the thumbs) together like you are going to dig a hole in the sand. and start "digging" the bad energy from the aura (3 inches thick layer covering our body). When your hands start feeling weird, and heavy, pack the bad energy and throw it in a salt water bucket. Try to have a spray bottle filled with alcohol, and purify your hands with a couple of sprayings on your hands. When you feel the Sweeping is done, you are ready for the clearing or the extracting. Extracting: move the right hand counter-clockwise above the area in pain. then, like rays radiating from the pain, grab them as if they were spaghetti in a bundle, with your left hand, and imagine pulling this bad energy bundle away from the pain; you can say to the patient, "Let it go. Let go of your pain."; when you are 3 feet away, cut the roots close to the pain with your right index and middle fingers.
~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thank Prayer: After the session, say another prayer of gratitude. Eyes closed, hands upward, say, "Thank you Lord, [God, Jesus], good spirits, angels for receiving the healing energy in my hands, and the power to heal. Thank you , thank you , thank you." Again, you can change the name of the deity or entity (Universal One, Universal Creator, Great One, Almighty One), if you want. The patient can also say a prayer of gratitude.
End of Session and Closing
Note: The healing maybe immediate, or it can take its time.
The important thing is that it is happening, starting now!
We all can do this. We just have to be humble in the receiving of God's gift.
Please leave me a comment! Thank you!
Success, Peace, Happiness to all!

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