Saturday, March 29, 2008


Beliefs and limitations. These are the essence of our being successful (or not!)
There is this anecdote where if a flea who can jump 3 feet high. If kept a day or two in a jar,
once released, it will only jump the height of the lid, a few inches. Our brain functions
in these norms. We have been taught by different environments how high we
can "jump" in our lives.
Here's a little exercise: Think of something you want. Now, try to say your goal
after these phrases:
I think that (your goal) . I believe that ...(your goal)
I hope that ...(your goal). I wish that ...(your goal)
I know that ...( your goal) or I am sure that... or I am certain that ...
You see what I mean?

Happiness, Success, Freedom!

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