Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What is Success?

What is Success?
 How do you measure your success?  How do you see success? Is it measured in assets, 
 total income, in  family relationships. or in sports achievements?
Is Success in your house improvement or size, or in the brand and size or your cars? 
What are your achievements:  Writing a book, taking long trip in a country of dreams?
   We also can be seeing success under another scope, such as: Helping a friend, 
a relative, and in how people are looking up to you, or how you made the world  a better place.
In the idea of :making the World a better place one act of kindness at a time, 
one may wonder how to make the world a better place.  One may ask himself, 
"How can I be of service to my fellow men/women?"

As Richard G. Nixon asserts, "If you help people get what they need, they 
will help you to get  what you want! "  One may ask himself, "What is 
success to me?"  
Peace, Happiness, Success!

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