Saturday, October 11, 2008


"when it rains..." is a story of a couple, driving to the mountain. He says, "why don't we go see the snow? It's so beautiful!" After about one hour driving in the mountains, it starts raining again. She says,"Look at this rain! No, Let's turn back, and go home." He says "Patience we are almost there."
--"But look! it's raining so hard, we almost can't see the road. Do you think it's safe?
--"Trust me, I used to live in the mountains and drive in the snow all winter.
--" Look it rain even harder now!
--Trust me, Patience
and about 30 minutes later the changes into slush, then quickly into snow
a fantastic shower of snowflakes starts dancing around the car, the sky is color gray,
the noisy rain has been replaced by the fluffy white snow powdering the pine trees, and the road.
of course, he drives very carefully, and both of them are in awe, and have a sigh of relief...
What a wonderful , beautiful sight!
He turns to her and says, "You see? I told you : After the rain, comes the wonder of snow!"
When it was raining down there, and noisy , dark, and confused, later, in the mountains, it is quiet, all blanketed, soft, fluffy, and beautiful!"

Don't worry folks, if it is raining these days.
you are driving through the rain, the noise, the confusion, the "messy" time,
but continue with faith and hope, you will soon see the beauty, peace, quiet, and you will say soon: "I just have to be patient, to trust God/Universe, do what i know I have to , and continue on the road."
After the rain, there is always a good surprise: a rainbow, snow, sunshine, blooms, flowers, animal coming drinking at the little pond, birds singing, and so on...
So, folks, head on steady your course, and be patient , trust yourself, and feed your soul with hope, keep faith! Clear you mind of fear and panic! It is not going to get you anywhere safely! But trust your instinct, trust God/Universe who is protecting you!

Keep faith, Keep driving, Keep your mind clear, Keep on going!
You will get there, you know it!

You are the best!

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