Sunday, May 17, 2009

Some feedbacks. Thank you!

Kimmy S
This was AWESOME! I am happy, I am relaxed!

Lorena B
Thank you....just viewed this and felt the change within myself!

Becky C
Love it -- thanks for sharing this, Emrick! :)

Giovanna F
That's a beautiful thought Emrick! I like it...

Felicia Y O -Wise Thanks Emrick for your words of encouragement!

Irene Miguel Nice...would love to read more of what you write

Felicia Y O-Wise Thanks Emrick for your words of wisdom. I truly needed that!

Ginny B
I look forward to staying in touch and sharing ideas.
“It is one of the beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”
Ginny Bair

Mi Ö sent
Hi Emrick,
and thank you. It was truely thinkable. I've always been thinking that things happen for a reason and if we let us "see" we can all make the best out of it and learn, and accept the gift that people or the course of events brings.

Pamela G
Hi Emrick...Thanks for the reminder and your post....really great. Will message the group about your wonderful site and work shortly.

Seema S
Thanks for the blessings... Your a great soul
Best Seema S

Kim M Thank so much for looks like you are enjoying life!...keep it up....
Love to you and all on your journeys.
many blessing, Kim

Victoria K
I went to your website and it was so interesting.
Just what I need right now in my life.
Thanks Emrick...-Victoria

Sajni V To all that universe is putting in your hands
blessings and Good luck!

Gloria C
I worship you …It does feel great to be able to help people. No amount of money can
Compare to the feeling you get when you know you helped someone
Who truly needed it.
In actuality the person that you are helping is doing you a favor - offering you an opportunity to do something that is so fulfilling.
Take care and blessings

Carmen P
Thank You Emrick..your words and your wisdom are a "breath of fresh air"!!!!
Take Care Carmen

Crystal K August 29
HI Emrick, glad to have you in my network. Keep in touch!

Pamela G August 18
I have to tell you how much I love the postings you have made to our Forgiveness Healing group. You are such a blessing and I very much appreciate your contribution. I especially love your Life with Passion article by Betty Smith."Look at everything as though you were seeing it either for the first or last time. Then your time on earth will be filled with glory." That says so very much in and of itself. I would like to post it as a note to my friends on facebook and give your blog site BEST Your LIFE the proper recognition and recommendation. I wanted to ask you, 1 if that would be ok, and 2 if so, how would you like me to refer others to your site?
With love and gratitude~

Kara O
Thank you for wanting to connect.
From my heart to yours, Kara
The Heart Whisperer™ Director of Kara Oh's School Of Charm, Seduction and Feminine Grace
Kara Oh is The Heart Whisperer™

Pamela G
Still meaning to post info about your blog site...what great work you do..
Peace and love~ Pamela

Thank You for sharing this never to forget novel
it opens the gates of the eternal inner child
with wisdom.

Sajni V
Namaste Emrick:
Thank You!,for giving me this oportunity to share
visions,experience and feelings with
a great Author like You, just by reading your bloqs
and visions I can tell you are very deep and Intense
at your writings for some reason I share
your same ideas and philosophies….keep sending wisdom to us.

I would say … it is sad that sometimes not everyone
gets the chance to become a Deepak Chopra a
Wayne Dyer or an Emrick Garam I really think
your books and believes are a gift to Us.

It would be an honor to
have your book, let me now where can I buy it.
looking forward in this other peaceful side to
meet you someday too!
Same happiness to you. I know there will come
many books out from the inspiration of your heart and
the wisdom from your mind, I can tell is incredible.

Yes, I would like to link my bloq with yours.
let me know how to do it
With all my respects,

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