Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Power of Belief; How to Change your Life

This little story illustrates how the "power of belief "plays a role in our life.  
The Legendary Psychologist Abraham Maslow told this Story about the power of beliefs: “A patient had
no regard for himself because he believed he was a corpse, and his psychiatrist spent numbers of sessions
trying to convince him he was not. One day the doctor asked the patient if corpses bled. The patient
answered: "Corpses don’t bleed, all their bodily functions have stopped.” The doctor then persuaded the
patient to participate in an experiment, where he would prick his finger with a needle to see if it bled.
Sure enough, as the needle pricked , it started to bleed.
With a look of amazement, the patient said: ”Well I’ll be darned… corpses
do bleed!”
from How to Change your Life in 7 Days by Paul McKenna
You want to change your life? Change your Beliefs!
I 'd say: "Believe you will, and you will! Believe you won't and surely you won't"
Happiness and Success to you!

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