Friday, February 22, 2008

Pranic Healing and Energy

I went to a mini seminar conducted by Master Stephen Co, a Pranic healer. This was incredible! We felt the energy, the Prana aka Chi (or Ki), we had hands on experiments about energy, some people were healed, and we had an incredible meditation. When I came out of this seminar, I felt totally renewed. What an Experience!
Master Stephen Co authored a book, Your Hands Can Heal You, and goes around the US , conducting diverse seminars always with hands on. I went to a seminar called SuperBrain Yoga & Pranic Healing and Rapid Emotional Healing: The Energetic Approach. Try to check him out! It worth your money, I guarantee it. In addition, his introduction seminars are very affordable. Master Co has also a great sense of humor, and his seminars are unique.
Happiness and Success!

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