Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The First Step: the Start to Achieve

The first step: the start to achieve. The longest journeys start with the first step. But take this step as a leap of faith. Charge you mind with self-confidence and take this first step. It is OK to be a little scared; remember your first bike ride? Today, as the President started his journey to the higher end, I could stop thinking: His father was born in a small village in Kenya, East Africa, probably poor. Then he was born in Hawaii, on the other side of the planet, then raised in Indonesia. What a worldly individual already! He is in the eyes of so many the hope for the minorities, the energy that so many needed. He represents the union between African American (his father) and white (his mother). There is a definite feeling of unity in this man. There is a symbol of the union of two people: the majority and the minority. A lot of tears of joy were shed today. The World rejoices to this wonderful re-birth of a nation which leads other nations in so many directions. One day , this man took a first step, a decisive one, and has reached one of the highest points in goals. All it took was: the First step.

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