Friday, January 16, 2009

First Step: Be Self-Confident

First Step: Be Self-Confident. The longest journeys start with the first step. But take this step as a leap of faith. Charge you mind with self-confidence and take this first step. It is OK to be a little scared; remember your first bike ride? Weren't you scared of falling? How about your first day away from home, in camp, or in camping? Weren't you sacred? But wow! Didn't it feel good to feel so much alive! With so many possibilities! So much to discover! So much to try! So much interesting things, places, nature, wild life, etc. to investigate and find about! All these new experiences start with one step, the first step. So , today, decide what first step do you want to take? Which direction you want to aim? You can be scared, but don't hesitate too long, for your own good. It is normal to be scared. Don't you think all these great achievers, Einstein, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Apollo XIII crews, each of the astronauts and cosmonauts, Lance Armstrong, Bill Gates, all surgeons, even the overconfident-like Tony Robbins were scared? Of course , they were all scared, yes, but they decided "I am going to do something important in my life." And then, they took their first step. And long after they did, people still remember them. How do you want to be remembered? What legacy do yo want to leave? All these great word, achievements, deeds, legacies, all have started with : one step, the first step.

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