Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to: Master Creator #2

How to be a Master Creator of your own life? You will need to be Awake. What does it mean?

PERCEPTION: You at all time need to be aware of this: you see and perceive the world with Your own feeling, your own beliefs, and your own limits! It is essential to be aware of this!

GRATITUDE: Always Be Thankful! When you wake up, thank God-Source-Universe, for what you have; It is a good practice to list all what you have, include your health, your family, your apartment or House, your possessions, your car, your job, and what you did for fun , every month or so. example: Each time I enjoy a good fruit or dish, I thank silently God-Source.

YOU ARE READY Now that you are in this High Level of energy, Imagine one thing you really what to get. Imagine the feeling of experiencing it. what kind of emotion you are feeling. Imagine that you already have it, right now!

WRITE your GOAL Then, write a long paragraph or two of your desired experience in the present tense. Thank God-Source for having it already. Read your paragraph out loud. Feel the joy and excitement feeling your heart!Be like a child!

PRACTICE Then from time to time, read your manuscript, aloud, with emotion.Every 3 or 4 days, or twice a week. Not everyday, for hte reason that it may be too much effort on your part.

IMPORTANT: Don't think at all time about your dream. Let God-Source do the rest. Because if you think of it all the time, you will become impatient, and create a "state of lack" in your mind. Why is it not here already ? etc. So, if you think of it, think with detachment, with the complete trust that it is coming to you. It is coming!

OUTCOME: Before long, you will see miracles unfolding before your eyes. Another thing: try to include some generous action in your dreams! Imvolve others in your dreams!

Live Happy!

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