Monday, July 27, 2009

Tips for Self Confidence to Achieve!

This is what I hear this almost everyday: I can't , I don't know how, It's too difficult.
Do not be afraid! There are two emotions from which all emotions stem from:
Love and Fear. Yes , Fear! Just analyze: If you are afraid you will get negative, moody, sad, rebelious, and even some get aggressive, avaricious, shy, clumsy, lying, hiding, cheating, sneaky, jealous, etc.
But , if you are in the Love mode, you will get attractive, happy, confident, energetic, positive, and so on.
So, How do You get into that feeling of Love?
First get in the habit of being grateful. Thank God-Source-Universe for what you already have, are, and do. Thank the Highest Spirit, your creator, with genuine feeling of recognition. Look around you and feel how rich you are!
Second, for more, go to
Live Happy! You will achieve!

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