Friday, January 3, 2014

What Causes Happiness? What causes Success?

It is a little the question who was first ? the Chicken or the egg? I will attempt to answer the Happiness/success question. Which causes the other? 
Scientists found that happiness was the cause to success; not the other way around. 

Most of us have grown with pp telling us to work hard so we get to succeed and then boom we become happy. Well , if this was the case, there wouldn't be so many cases of suicide within the "wealthy/successful" community. There is something happening to many people who reach "success"; they become greedy, because all their beliefs is in papers. Many forgot their mission. They become bored with their "toys". They find themselves insulated and become obsessed with getting the last model. 

Simple. Happiness comes from the inside. some people have virtually nothing, struggle everyday, but are truly happy. They have a community of like minded people around them, help , share and care about their community. There is no competition in their mind, but cooperation. Mother Teresa was one. Gandhi was another. It is of course one image of happiness. There is another kind, the western image of happiness, like the "enlightened millionaires who use their fortune to help people around . One such individual is Sir Richard Brunson, who is seen helping people all around. understanding that helping , caring , sharing , and serving are the true source of happiness. Tony Robbins started to help poor families, and always ready to help. And of course countless volunteers who understand that concept.

So what causes Success? Happiness.
What causes Happiness? Practicing the following: 
*  Helping others when they need it, 
*  Sharing time with others, 
*  Caring about others when they need it,
*  Serving others whenever you can.

The world is not about you; it is about others. open yourself to the world, and the world will open itself to you.

But don't take my word for it! Try it! Experiment it for yourself!

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