Monday, January 30, 2012

Living Fully: a Secret to Happiness

Are you living fully? Do you want to raise your Happiness level?

Are you living in the now? Are you living in the “what ‘s next?” are you living in the “what’s new?”or are you appreciating what you already have right now in the moment? That’s one of the secrets to happiness . living in the now, not expecting (impatiently, eagerly ) for anything better. Are you receiving a gift and think “mmh ! I should have got the most recent one , the n brand new … ) This gift is old and obsolete. Are you thinking there ‘s should always  be something better for you, better than others,

OR are you appreciating anything that comes your way truly , with your heart, and feel joyful and jump inside your heart with fizz and bubbles?)  This is one of the secrets to  ...

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Appreciate everything and anything. Try to meditate to move out the unnecessary thoughts from your mind.
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Peace, Abundance, Happiness to You!

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