Friday, July 11, 2014

How to be an Expert in 7 steps Step 2

Someone recently asked me how to become an expert.
These are my suggestions:
Be critical of what works and what does not in your experience and your AOK.
Take one method and experiment it.
Then see if you can duplicate or repeat this one method.
Make sure you have all the steps together, and repeat the method.
Next, evaluate and report  the result , the pitfall (s), the variable element (s)
to be successful with the method.As Julia Child once said, "Scientific workability. That's my motto."
Then When and only  when you see you can repeat the method or approach with total confidence , 
you are now ready to share with your readers through blog post, articles, report, or even an E book!why not? 
There is more coming SOON! ....
So here it is ! This is how to become an Expert IN  7 STEPS. I know there is much more to it, but you got the idea!
So now go ahead and learn, be curious, be passionate, read about the great ones,
and from the great ones, listen to them live or on videos. (youtube, etc),
and be critical of your sources, authors, speakers, in the sense of making a difference between the ones full of hot air,
and the one full of knowledge and wisdom.

*But don't take my word for it! Try it for yourself! Experiment!in Love and Light,Emrick, your guide to happiness.

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