Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meditation Tips

Meditating is undoubtedly what is missing in a lot of people's lives. I can't praise enough the benefits of meditation.
It balances your mind, focus your energy, helps you controlling your emotions, makes good things happen, and create inner-peace , acceptance and forgiveness.
Accepting people in your life is very important for your success. This Meditation site is one of the best around. It offers 21 mini meditations of one minute each!
Go to:
click on experience,
meditate for several minutes , then click on animation (It's a little surprise)
thought you might like like it.

Meditation Tips:
Try meditation every morning (sunrise), or every evening (sunset), or both!
Meditation is usually about 20 minutes long.
In a sitting position, index and thumb touching, eyes closed,
breathing: usually 6-3-6-3 (inhale 6 seconds, pause 3 secs, exhale 6 secs, pause 3 secs)
recommended: soft music (new age or yoga music ) and burning of incense (Nag Champa ) if not facing sunrise, sunset, very soft light. If possible, be in a quite place. I also recommend sitting in a garden with flowers, with water noise. For inside: A small room fountain (the one you can put on a table) or for outside, a regular pond with 3 tiers water fountain. This is always a good noise to have around, even after meditation. It calms you mind.

Happiness, Peace, Joy!

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