Friday, January 2, 2009

Goals, Gratitude, Success

Goals, Gratitude, Success. I received this email which sums it up; I couldn't think of any better way to put it.
"Hello Emrick,
Hope you enjoyed an amazing New Year's
I was home with the girls holding them
tight as the clock struck 12 watching
Dick Clark's Rock'n Eve.
Holding my children tight on New Year's
Eve is a tradition for me and it’s symbolic
since they are on loan to me for such a
short period of time.
Which brings me to my message today. You
will never ever get this day back. Every
minutes that goes by, you will never get
back. So you have to make each and every
minute count.
Over the past two weeks I've been preparing
you for this day:
1) Organize Your Environments (personal & business)
2) Clearly Write Out Your Goals
3) Establish a Wealth Creation Plan
4) Find Your Purpose & the Money Will Flow
5) Create Multiple Streams of Revenue
6) Join a Mastermind Group for Support
Now from this day on, I want you to commit
to engaging in income generating activity
on a daily basis.
Remember you never get these minutes back
and when you compound bad behaviors together
minute after minute, then it is no wonder how
you end the year feeling under accomplished
and you miss the revenue mark.
So every morning repeat to yourself,
"How am I going to increase my wealth position
As an internet marketer and avid entrepreneur,
I am always coming up with ideas to answer that
question. That is how I strengthen the money
making muscle in my head. You, too, can do the
same thing and subsequently have the same
amazing results.
Since I know how successful internet revenue can
be, here is a CD that I've put together on the
five most successful ways to earn internet
Today is Day 1 of 2009. It's a fundamental day
that will shape the next 364. You will never
get this day back. Go over the checklist
above and prepare yourself for the most
phenomenal year you have ever had."
Laura Lopez, Pathway to Power

Success and Happiness to you! yes, You!

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